It’s in the bag

I participated in an ambassador activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Banana Boat Sun Care. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

The long awaited summer in North Dakota is finally here and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve got just a few short months of good weather and we are going to live them up. Our goal is to not let a day pass without spending it either in the garden, at the pool, playing t-ball, volleyball, and soccer, or exploring all the local parks.

In order to be able to live summer to it’s fullest I keep a bag packed and ready toss in the car and go on all our adventures. Now that the boys are beyond the “diaper bag” stage, it doesn’t mean there’s all kinds of summer essentials we don’t need. I guess you could say we’re beyond the diaper bag and now I just carry a “mom bag”. So here’s what’s in the mom bag:

The Bag. I have used this Vera Bradley bag my mom gave me for Christmas two years ago non-stop ever since. This bag is the perfect size, it washes easily, and I love the pattern. A friend once saw me pull my purse out of it and coined it, “my purse for my purse”. Seriously, this goes everywhere.

Vera Bradley

The Blanket. I just picked up this picnic blanket and I already love it. It folds and zips into a stadium seat, and when it’s open it has a waterproof side and a soft side. Perfect for T-ball, soccer, and park playdates.


The Water Bottles. We’ve just graduated from the toddler Nalgene sippies that I loved to these ones. The boys think they’re so grown up with them.

Nalgene Blue

The Sunblock. Banana Boat Kids Free Clear UltraMist is our spray of choice. Alcohol free, tear free, sting free, and gentle. What more could I ask for on Jack’s sensitive almost translucent skin??


The Hats. Did I mention Jack’s pale skin? Along with the sunblock I make sure I’ve always got hats for the boys.


The Wet Bag. I keep a wet bag in my bag and it comes in handy all the time. Sometimes it’s for wet swim suits, sometimes it’s for muddy clothes while the boys ride home in the underwear. Either way it folds small and is easy to keep in the bottom of my bag.

wet bag

More Sunblock. Yes, along with the kids sunblock I keep the Protect & Hydrate Sunscreen Clear UltraMist in the bag for me. I love how it is sunscreen and moisturizer in 1 spray.


The snacks. I’d hate to cut a park playdate short due to hungry kids, so I’ve always got plenty of snacks in the bag. Currently these are our favorite.


We’re planning on our best summer EVER and here’s a chance for you to too! Banana Boat is giving away TONS of summer fun prizes, including a grand prize of a family trip to a treehouse resort! You can sign up here: 



  1. Tara Loyd says

    I do the same thing except it’s a small plastic tote in the back of the yukon. Since I don’t carry it around I also keep bug spray, first aid kit and umbrella! And I always have a towel in the car!!

  2. Andrea says

    The boys should feel like grown ups with their water bottles…James and I have the same ones! I love them. :)

    • Jess says

      Ha! That’s funny. They are adult water bottles! Maybe Matt and I will get some too and we can all match!

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