DIY Popcorn Tin Lampshade

DIY Popcorn Tin Lampshade
Recently I purchased this lovely “honeycomb” lamp from Target that Matt lovingly calls his “golf ball”.   Although I absolutely LOVE the look of it, every lampshade I owned was either too big or too small and I couldn’t find ANYTHING the right size. That’s when I noticed our popcorn tin from Christmas just waiting for it’s calling, hence the DIY Popcorn Tin Lampshade.
Ideas for Cheap Lampshades
 First I gave it a trial run to see if it would get too hot. I just balanced it on the harp for a good 8 hours with the light on.  After 8 hours when it was barely warm to the touch I knew it was “the one”!
Popcorn Tin Lampshade
So then it got a coat of primer, two coats of gold spray paint, and a hole drilled through the top.
How to Make a Popcorn Tin Lampshade
I am totally in love with my DIY popcorn tin lampshade. At night it also gives off a nice “golden” glow.
DIY Popcorn Tin Lampshade
Next time Matt gives me a hard time for hoarding holding on to junk future craft supplies I’ll just remind him of the time I made a lampshade for free!

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    • says

      I’m just discovering all the potential lampshade items I own! My next endeavor is going to be recovering a lampshade with fabric. Probably more difficult than spray paint.

  1. says

    Visiting from The Rustic Pig. Such a clever lady, you are. I would have never known the shade was a popcorn tin.

    You’ve inspired me to come up with some clever reuses for the two Garrett’s tins in our attic. Isn’t their Chicago mix the best thing ever? I won’t tell you how quickly we can go through a tin of it.

    • says

      Thanks so much for stopping by! It is the greatest popcorn, a Christmas treat we look forward to every year! I was thinking they’d be good toy storage tins too. So many options!

  2. says

    Think about carefully drilling holes to make a pattern on the top, like a star or snowflake, etc. This will cause the pattern on the ceiling and allow for heat to escape.

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