Dipped Gold Leg Table

Gold Dipped Nightstand
 Last year’s garage sale season I was on the quest for the perfect coffee table that could be turned into an ottoman. I purchased this one and this one for $1 each, but I actually picked up this little gem for .50 cents! It has a wobbly leg so it wasn’t worthy of becoming an ottoman. It actually sat in the garage for a while until I realized that it would work as a good nightstand for Matt, rather than the stacked speakers I had been using.
I just sanded it down, primed it, spray painted it white, taped off the legs, painted them gold, and put it in our bedroom. Much better huh? The Nate Berkus basket I got in our white elephant exchange this Christmas fits perfectly like a drawer for Matt’s stuff. To give it a little height I added an old suitcase I picked up at the same garage sale last year. I already had both colors of spray paint from my master dresser and decorative gold spheres so this whole project rang in for just a few dollars!
Just ignore the hideous carpet under it… it’s getting replaced in 12 days!!

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  1. says

    love me some dipped gold legs :) so excited to see the rest of the room!! by the way, who in the world thought a nate berkus basket would make a good white elephant gift??

    • says

      Seriously… Best white elephant gift ever! Actually Matt picked it and knew he had to hold onto it for me! I did end up with Starbucks hot cocoa though so white elephant turned out pretty good for us! I’m tempted to go around “dipping” everything in gold paint! Nothing is safe…

    • says

      Thanks! I know… nothing is safe from the gold dipping! I just checked out your blog and I am in love with your boys new headboard! I’m also your newest FB follower, thanks for the comment!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I still have a good amount of gold left in the can which is dangerous!!! I just checked out your blog and I’m your newest follower! Thanks for the comment!

    • says

      Thanks! Our master bedroom is “vintage modern” with bit of gold and I think it is those modern touches that keep it from feeling too much like a grandma’s bedroom! I love your photo coasters, that might make the perfect mother’s day present for a few grandmas, thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    LOVE the gold-dipped legs and the basket is super cute too! pinning and sharing on FB later this week.
    Thanks for much for linking up to support Habitat! Good luck and hope to see you back Thursday night. :)

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