Chalkboard Paint Your Crockpot!

I make at least one crockpot meal a week, which means my very ugly “not-my-style” crockpot is on display frequently. For an appliance that makes so many appearances I figured it was about time to help it “blend” into my kitchen a bit better. I preset to you: Chalkboard Paint Your Crockpot!
Chalkboard Paint Your Crockpot  I’ve wanted to paint my refrigerator with chalkboard paint for some time, but since Matt outlawed that idea I figured I’d start small. It was a really simple project and the hardest part was waiting 4 days to be able to write on it!
Chalkboard Paint your Crockpot
One perk I didn’t even think of until it was done is that for potlucks and parties I can just label the dish! Also for friends with food allergies I can clearly mark anything I want, right on the dish. Maybe the chalkboard paint will grow on Matt and we’ll have a chalkboard fridge soon! (This won’t be the last of the chalkboard paint you’ll be seeing…)
7/29/13 Edit: This has become such a popular post and so many people want to know how to make their own chalkboard painted crockpot that I wanted to answer a few questions!
#1- Did you prime?? No, but that was the quick and lazy method. Primer always helps for better adhesion so it would probably be best to prime it first. With good primer I don’t think there is a need to sand the actual crockpot gloss down.
#2- Spray on or Brush on Chalkboard Paint?? I used brush on but only because I already had it out for my chalkboard doors and I was looking for things to use it up on. If I were to do it all over I’d go with the chalkboard spray paint because it’s easier to avoid brush strokes.
#3- Does it hold up under heat and washing?? Yes. I do not submerge the outer part, but I have wiped it off many times. As for the heat it handles it fine even when it is very hot to the touch during cooking.

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  1. says

    How fun!! I you’ve really taken chalkboard paint to a new level… I love that you can label it for parties!!! As for the fridge…maybe your husband will let you paint part of it. You could do a big rectangle and frame it out with trim, backed with magnets!!

    • Gina says

      you could get contact paper and put it on your fridge and paint that with chalkboard paint….. then if your hubby still hates it you could just take it off.

      • Jess says

        That is SUCH a good idea! Actually I currently have chalkboard contact paper on my cabinet and I could just use that!

  2. Juju says

    I didn’t see if you made your own chalkboard paint, or bought a commercially made one.
    I’d be interested in the brand, please! :-)

    • says

      Ever since doing this I’m on the hunt for a little crock pot for dips. Do you have a standby queso recipe? That is my favorite thing to get at Mexican restaurants!

  3. says

    Forgive me but I am new to your blog. The picture shows step my step but the post has no explanation of the steps. What kind of primer did you use in step 3 or is that the chalkboard paint. Did you sand down the glossy crockpot paint?

    regardless, this is a project that is now on my to do list for all my crock pots!

    • says

      Thanks so much for your comment! You’re right about the steps not being super clear so I just went back and edited the original post with some more information! Let me know if you have any questions! It was really simple if you decide to go ahead and do it!

  4. says

    HI! LOVE THIS IDEA!! I learned about this project through “The Thrifty Couple” just this morning and already have my crockpot taped off and first coat of paint on! WOOHOO!! My question was – did you do anything to mark the WARM, LOW, HIGH settings? I put star stickers over the dots for each setting so I would know where each spot was. Not sure what else I want to do with it from there…

    • Jess says

      Thank you so much for commenting! I didn’t do anything to mark mine, because it only has two settings (low or high). If I did decide to mark them I probably would use a white sharpie and just mark dots for each setting.

  5. StoneMaven says

    Hi, found you on Pinterest and love this idea! Did you sand or rough up the surface of your crockpot before you painted? I did when I painted my fridge to match my vintage metal cabinets, and it has held up to everything but the toddler hitting it with the edge of a metal spatula (but neither would the original finish) and touch-ups were easy. I did my dish washer too, but I never gave a thought to my small appliances!

    • Jess says

      Thanks! That is so smart to do your fridge and dishwasher! I didn’t rough it up, but it definitely couldn’t hurt. A little scratch coat always helps! Thankfully though even without it mine held up pretty well!


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